Jovan Lin

Not only does Ice Cube Marketing help us with enhancing brand awareness, they also deliver real business results in their marketing campaigns that are beyond basic metrics such as clicks and views. Ice Cube helped us generate substantial signups for our key events within relatively short duration, and very high percentage of actual turnouts – a testament to the quality of their campaigns optimisation and management. We would like to thank them for their contribution to helping more students discover PSB Academy.

Jovan LinAssistant Vice President, PSB Academy
Jaye Chong

IceCube team is driven by performance. They took time to analyse our previous campaign and to understand our business and requirements as the first step of engagement. They were confident in achieving our targets and have delivered a 35% lower cost per lead and helped us in recruiting more targeted potential franchisees. It was a collaborative and productive experience with IceCube and we are happy to recommend their service to any business who is interested in generating results

Jaye ChongDivision leader, Kumon Singapore
Zak Salleh-Chew

I have tried working with different marketing agencies as well as DIY-ing my campaign in recent years. As a business owner, I have to make many decisions and still find time to manage & optimise my online campaign. Through a friend, I was introduced to and started working with IceCube. Not only do I now enjoy a peace of mind over my campaign, Ice Cube helped us achieve 50% increment in number of leads & 30% increment in revenue. I can rest assured that my growth is taken care off with the IceCube team who is my trusted digital marketing partner now. On top of that, Ricky spent his precious time giving business advice to help in business growth, which I believe that this is the kind of business relationship that is win-win for both parties. Strongly recommend for serious business owner who wants to scale the business!

Zak Salleh-ChewManaging Director, CA International College

Andrew and his team has done a phenomenal job at sourcing for fresh, high-quality leads for us. Having worked with several lead generation and marketing companies over the past 5 years, I can honestly say that Ice Cube produces the most ROI for every dollar we spend on ads. Not only are they honest, down-to-earth and easy to work with, they have singlehandedly increased our sales by 30% in less than 3 months. I have not worked with a single agency who is capable of producing such fast results. Results aside, I also cannot emphasize enough how many times Andrew has gone the extra mile for us, even when he didn’t have to.

Huey and IreneDirector, Absolute Wellness
Eugene Huang

Anyone can increase sales by dumping more money in ads. Not only did ice cube marketing help us bring in 200-300 leads a month consistently, they reduced our cost per lead by more than 50%. Also, it is observed that these leads tend to have a higher hit rate (more quality) than those we were getting. Thank you Ice cube Marketing!

Eugene HuangDirector, Redbrick Mortgage Advisory
Rajan Chettiar

Ricky was introduced to us by one of our service providers. We have used a very expensive SEM agency, which later in years did not produce good results. Ricky persisted and made sure that I do not forget him by sending me regular emails to update me on the trends in social media marketing. When I decided to change the SEOM agency, we decided to do it in-house. This proved to be difficult as we did not have a dedicated full time staff to do it. Ricky was the first one to come to mind when I was thinking of outsourcing it. Though a small business, with Ted as a partner, I found the team very dynamic and driven. They had good ideas and they were willing to go the extra mile for us. Importantly, their ideas produced better results and at very reasonable prices. I am also impressed by Ted’s copywriting skills – I have not met a non-lawyer who writes well and at the same time has good quality content in his writing. I consider Ricky and Ted, more than my business partners and as friends who care a lot about our Firm. I would highly recommend Ice Cube Marketing to anyone and everyone. During our business relationship, they have grown as an agency and are doing well. I am very happy and proud of them and wish them the very best.

Rajan ChettiarFounder and Managing Director, Rajan Chettiar LLC.
Harald Weinbrecht

We worked together with Ice Cube Marketing due to their in-depth understanding of Google Ad-words and their ability to help us grow incoming leads. We have worked with other agencies before, but Ice Cube Marketing was the first company to actually make a difference in our digital marketing strategy. We had a very good experience working with ICM, and would recommend them for any company interested to increase their ROI on Google Adwords.

Harald WeinbrechtCEO , Axxis Consulting
Miko Chng

Ice Cube marketing has contributed significantly to helping us evolve a cohesive content strategy across our digital and social platforms. They have provided relevant research, conducted interview with stakeholders and shared best-practice insights into a variety of topics, all of which have informed and improved our content approach and output.

Miko ChngHead, Marketing Department from London School of Business & Finance
Dannis Low

In our recent years, we had been running numerous free trial campaigns to spread the benefits of Mental Arithmetic for students. IceCube, upon understanding our processes, proposed a different approach for our next campaign. The leads generated were mainly genuine customers looking for courses to enhance their children education. On top of that, IceCube helped us dig out insights and selling points about our solutions and it was reflected in their ad copies. Their team is committed in serving us as our weekend requests usually got answered on the day itself. We ended up getting a lot of comments and enquiries from our Facebook ads that we are currently exploring autoresponder solutions with them.

Dannis LowBusiness Development Executive, CMA Mental Arithmetics
Raymond Ding

In the first month working with Ice Cube Marketing, I closed 10 deals from their campaign. Likewise for the 2nd month. In the 3rd month, the sales was doubled! Every month, the number leads and deals that comes in is very consistent. Overall , I would say the marketing campaign has been a huge Success in generating the RIGHT leads that eventually converts into sales.

Raymond DingFounder, Wash2dry
Maya Mitsis

Ice cube marketing has helped us double our online sales in one month through their content marketing strategy bringing 40 over new customers! Not only that, the campaign greatly enhanced our awareness in the market. In contrast, my previous spend on Facebook didn’t yield anywhere close in terms of engagement, reach or sales. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other people.

Maya MitsisDirector, Orthogem Asia
Mr Toh

My previous vendor didn’t manage to produce any results for me which caused me to have doubts about digital marketing. I decided to give it a shot one more time by engaging ICM. Ricky brought in more than 20 leads, resulting in about $60,000 in sales consistently every month for my business. I could barely handle the deals. I highly recommend them to anyone trying out digital marketing.

Mr TohDirector, SalioConcept Pte Ltd

I was doing my own digital marketing campaign previously and getting negligible results. After working with Ice Cube Marketing, the number of leads im getting per week went up by around 200-300% , with slight fluctuations each week. It helps greatly in my logistics business.

DerekDirector, Rich Resources
Nick Zhou

Previously I tried flyers distribution to promote my services. After distributing thousands of fliers, I got only 1 sale. I learn that this traditional method doesn’t seem to work any more. I found Ice Cube Marketing online and decided to try out their service. I have been with them since 2016. Without having to do anything on my end, ICM carries out lead generation for us. The leads they provided come with a sense of urgency to buy. Importantly, we achieved a highly positive ROI (based on profits) from the campaign, not to mention the increased awareness for our company. We are currently scaling the campaign every quarter alongside capacity increment.

Nick ZhouDirector, Airconnection Design Pte Ltd
Aini Bahrin

Ice Cube Marketing has shared many insights on the best and most up to date digital marketing tools and strategies available. The KPIs were set clearly from the start and our subsequent interactions were conducted professionally with meticulous care and transparency. We were fully aware and engaged in decisions for our campaign and the reasons for the proposed strategies. Ricky, Troy and Ted were generous in sharing their expertise and we would easily recommend their services for other companies who require a helping hand with their digital and social media platforms.

Aini BahrinSenior Manager, Phyto Singapore
Chloe Wong

There were over 20 sign ups from the event marketing campaign, out of which, a few were really good potential clients from huge and recognised companies such as Lazada, NTU etc, good job! Ice Cube Marketing is proactive in doing up an attractive landing page to drive effective RSVP, and also doing their best to achieve the number of leads that we require. Thanks Ice Cube Marketing!

Chloe WongProject Executive, Roots Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte Lte
Ng Chin Leng

​Ted helped us rank no.1 in Google for numerous keywords that we are targeting and drove an extra 50,000 visits & counting to SingaporeBrides in only a few months.

Ng Chin LengFounder, SingaporeBrides.com & SingaporeMotherhood.com
Samuel Yik

立奇成功的提升了我们网页参访人流量和逗留率,並且让我们排在数个搜索关键字的前端 Ricky successfully increased our webpages’ traffic and viewing duration, as well as helped us rank on first page of Google Search engine results page for numerous crucial keywords.

Samuel YikManaging Director, DianXiaoEr.com.sg
Louis Chen

Recommended by one of our vendors, we engaged IceCube for our Facebook & Google marketing campaigns. They not only created an impressive landing page, but also with the limited budget given, the team helps us to get more than 30 leads while one-third of them are high-quality leads. They also advise us on how to allocate the ad budget to the different platforms for the optimal results in term of leads. On top of that, our brand awareness in social media also increased. We believe that sales & marketing need to work together to gain the maximum results. We understand that in the competitive Internet world, it needs to be very fast and responsive to our leads received. IceCube is definitely the best choice in digital marketing! Really thanks & happy working with their services, I will sure intro to others too 😊😊😊

Louis ChenSK Hacking Pte Ltd
Samantha Loo

You(Ted) provided great insights into content marketing for the participants and were able to explain clearly how they could market their content effectively on search channels and turn them into leads for their businesses. The participants were delighted to learn new practices and knowledge that help them in their businesses.

Samantha LooSenior Estate Manager, Housing & Development Board (HDB)
Rosy Goh

Under the umbrella of RHT holdings group, RHT Management Services clients come largely existing clients’ referral and RHT own network. After we engage with Ice Cube Marketing, we start receiving leads online from external sources and also manage to close deals within the trial period. IceCube also informed of the latest updates for the marketing campaign. We are now team-up with Ice Cube Marketing to give comprehensive services to our clients so that our clients can also similarly grow their business through digital marketing supported by Ice Cube.

Rosy GohAssociate Director, RHT Management Services PTE LTD
Eddie Yap

Being new to online marketing, I am happy working with Icecube for my marketing needs. They are very patient in explaining the pros and cons for various options. I was also impressed with their creativity in their ads and approach. Definitely value for money if you want your ads to stand out in the marketplace.

Eddie YapGeneral Manager, Dreamvision Designer Pte Ltd
Derek Kelvin Tan

Engaging with ICM for my first lead generation campaign was a fruitful decision. Although it took some time to carve out the details of our first campaign, the team’s expertise in this field is undisputed as they have managed to bring in more than 50 leads in the first month itself. I could barely handle the leads that were coming my way during the peak periods. I will say that ICM can stretch every dollar of your digital marketing budget to bring in the most value to your business, definitely in my recommendation list for a business that is looking to create a presence online.

Derek Kelvin TanAdviser, Kenanga Investors Berhad
Edwin Edangelus Cheng

…Previously we had engaged SEM services offered by other service providers but sad to say, none of them were able to deliver what they had promised

The worst of the lot was a local agency which had repeatedly boasted to us of their good ‘track record’ and the kind of ‘awesome’ results they had achieved for their clients. Their services did not come cheap. But we thought since they were confident in charging such exorbitant fees, they should be able to deliver on their promise. How wrong we were! Despite investing a hefty 5-figure sum, they had little results to show. There was no ROI to speak of. Needless to say, we didn’t continue our services with them.

You can imagine how wary we became of all these so-called Digital Marketing “Gurus” because of our past disappointments. These days, it seems that anybody can be somebody even if they are nobody…

…Thankfully, we found Ice Cube Marketing. They came highly recommended from a trusted fellow business associate who has been using their services for quite a while. Hearing about the awesome results that Ice Cube has achieved for our business associate, We decided to give their services a shot even though we were still skeptical if they could really deliver on their promise….

… Ice Cube Marketing has managed to enhance the click-through rate & opt-in rate to a level that is way better than what we had before. Although they didn’t meet our initial expectation and given KPIs in terms of leads, we can see that Ricky & Ted have been putting in the extra effort to improve the results, which is very much appreciated by our team.

The campaign eventually exceeded our expectations after further optimisation. Professionalism & Professional Integrity are traits that we observe in the working relationship – evident in the continuous optimisation of campaign without giving up. In our opinion, these are extremely rare but important traits to find in Service Providers these days – and we are glad that Ice Cube Marketing embodies them!

In the past, the issue we had with many vendors was the fact that they couldn’t consistently keep up with the results for the long run and their service quality eventually dropped. Worse still, some of them conveniently did a ‘disappearing act’. What we like is the fact that Ice Cube holds themselves accountable for their clients’ results and strives for sustainable results over the long term.

As a direct result of the help provided by Ice Cube and their secret marketing methodology, we have finally for the first time, increased our sales conversions from Google enquiries by approximately 30% while lowering our costs per lead acquisition by 50%! Such results wouldn’t have been possible, especially in a highly competitive industry like ours, without the relentless dedication of Ted, Ricky and their team!…

Edwin Edangelus ChengManaging Director, EduEdge Learning Hub Pte Ltd
Eugene Seah

Being an Expanding Interior Design firm in Singapore, establishing a strong web presence is imperative as it adds a great deal of credibility to the company as well as a form of security to potential clients seeking out Interior Designers. Especially in these current times where there is no lack in charlatans and swindlers who would take clients’ money and then disappear.

Knowing this, we sought out different companies for assistance in this field since we are not experts in Google Adwords. We first engaged a Google Premium Partner to manage our Adwords Campaign. However even after advertising for 1 year with this company, we had hardly 2 genuine leads. This was eminently frustrating for us as after spending nearly $15,000, we received poor results.

Everything changed when one of our business partners recommended Ice Cube Marketing to us. The service rendered to us is worlds apart as compared to the google Premium Partner. Ice Cube Marketing offered to code and create a brand-new Landing Page inclusive of copywriting, that is also in sync with our main website design with the purpose of having a more Marketing, we have been receiving an average of 3 to 5 leads per week.

We highly recommend Ice Cube Marketing on the point of them being incredibly service oriented and flexible to the needs of their clients.

Eugene SeahMarketing Director, iPoise Design Pte Ltd

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