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Protect yourself from legal trouble when using Watsapp

Watsapp has become a very common way of communication in Singapore. As a SME, you may even send messages to your customers or prospects throught watsapp or other instant messaging platforms. It is always wise to keep ourselves protected, especially in the unkown realms of technology. Legal hassle is the last thing we want to be involved in as SMEs. Here, we have our partner, Asia Law Network to share the terms & conditions of Watsapp and other major chat apps. Learn more about them at https://www.asialawnetwork.com/



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Should I use Groupon for my business?

In 2016, Similarweb estimates that Groupon Singapore has an average of around 1.2million monthly visits, making it one of the top shopping sites in Singapore. Yes, Groupon still remains a force to be reckoned with, at least in Singapore. Shoppers see it as a valuable place to source for good deals and continue to use the platform. Groupon is also known for their aggressive and high-frequency email promotions. Continue Reading

Should I Include Price On My Website?

One dilemma that is commonly shared by all the entrepreneurs in the world is whether to include pricing on their website or not. Based on studies by Google , Pricing is one of the most important piece of information your prospect is looking for on your website.  The practice of including pricing on websites has […]

[Infographic] Online consumer statistics that businesses in Singapore need to know

It all starts with your  customers. Any advice falls flat if it doesn’t center around your customers. Do you know how customers discover you ?  What information they need ? Who is online ? Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: Icecube MarketingIce CubeBased in Singapore & Malaysia , Ice Cube […]

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Singaporebrides Case Study

Ted helped us rank  no.1 in Google for numerous keywords that we are targeting and drove an extra  50,000 visits & counting to Singaporebrides in only a few months.  Ng Chin Leng, Founder, Singaporebrides.com BACKGROUND Started in 2000, Singaporebrides.com  is the largest wedding portal in Singapore, on basis of traffic derivation by Similarweb. Despite it […]

What is digital marketing and is it suitable for my local business?

Have you bought some ads on Facebook and not get any sales out of it ? Often times , this experience alone is enough to drive business owners to come to the conclusion that digital marketing is unsuitable for their business. Ice CubeBased in Singapore & Malaysia , Ice Cube Marketing is all about turning […]

Do u want more leads or better branding?

A recent case with a client has made me ponder about this topic of branding vs marketing.
Although one can help in the other, it can sometimes clash.

Historically , marketing that brings results are not safe. We probably heard of  the Continue Reading